7/LRS01A Single Storey Shallow-Relief Warehouse Facade Set

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This set comprises 1xSMRS37, 1xSMRS37A, 1xSMRS37B, 1xSMRS37C, 2xSMRS39, 1xSMRS39A, 1x7/316A, 1x7/BC08 & 4 downpipes (as in 7/BC09) plus 2xSMRS43 & 1xSMRS44.Parts may be assembled in different configurations other than the illustrated example. The main building facades are approx 6mm thick. The loading dock is 50mm of deep. Included additional parts, SMRS43 & 44, give an extra depth to the buildings of 61mm, bringing the overall depth to approx. 117mm or 4.6 inches. Set is supplied as a kit of unpainted, resin and white metal parts.
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